VREAL Announces First-Ever Platform for VR Game Live Streaming and Discovery

April 26, 2016

VREAL Brings Fans, Streamers into Shared Social VR Environment

SEATTLE – April 27, 2016 – Video games are getting the immersive live streaming service the industry has been waiting for with VREAL, the first and most advanced experience for VR live streaming, entertainment, and discovery, all in one platform. With the belief that VR can be highly social, VREAL today announces the world’s first VR live streaming platform, delivering an unprecedented entertainment experience in which VR games, streamers, and their communities come alive within a single, shared, social VR environment.

Using any VR device—from HTC Vive to Oculus Rift to Samsung Gear VR – or across legacy 2D screens, VREAL unlocks the potential of what a viewing experience can be in VR, enabling game developers, streamers and fans to share VR games the way they are meant to be experienced.

“The rise of gaming as viewable entertainment has reshaped the game marketplace, and virtual reality will forever change the way we play and watch. VREAL is the first company to create a platform that gives game developers, streamers and players a way to natively stream VR gaming experiences across the full spectrum of desktop and mobile VR and traditional 2D screens,” says Todd Hooper, founder and CEO, VREAL. “We’re giving streamers all the tools they need to create immersive experiences in VR. Moreover, gamers who spend hours watching, will now have freedom to see the game from any angle they want, anywhere inside the game world, right next to the streamer. That’s VREAL.”

VREAL introduces new ways for streamers to interact with the community in real time and with a huge number and variety of games. VREAL is the world’s first fully immersive live streaming platform to combine VR, gaming and social interaction with a near limitless number of spectators alongside the streamer.

  • For VR Enthusiasts and Gamers:  As a viewer, VREAL streams are integrated directly into video game content.  As a fan, gamers are right next to their favorite streamer where they can watch a stream with full three-dimensional freedom, from hovering over the game play arena to standing right next to player one. Gamers can create new communities and discover new games, streamers and friends who love games and VR.
  • For Streamers: VREAL is easily accessible. There are no third-party broadcasting applications; anyone can broadcast their stream directly through VREAL. It allows for full native VR streaming, as well as 360-degree and 2D video streams from multiple points of view with both passive and active camera operators. VREAL content creators can also socialize with their audience through 3D content and exchange digital items with streamers and viewers.
  • For Game Developers: VREAL is building VR communities through shared experiences, and is the first true screen/headset-agnostic streaming experience which maximizes the audience for every game. The VREAL SDK integrates quickly with Unity and Unreal Engine titles.

Newzoo, the games and esports market intelligence firm, believes the market is ripe for this type of VR platform. According to Peter Warman, CEO, Newzoo: “The convergence of games and video on a global scale is transforming games into all-around entertainment franchises. VR is changing how consumers communicate with each other and interact with content. We expect the lion’s share of VR revenues to be generated by hardware sales, spectator content, and live viewing formats.”

VREAL will launch a beta program in summer 2016. Based in Seattle, VREAL was founded by leading technology and game industry executive, Todd Hooper. The company is backed by venture capital firms Upfront Ventures, Vulcan Capital, Presence Capital, IT Farm, Dawn Patrol Ventures and leading Seattle and Bay Area angel investors.


VREAL is the first platform for VR game streaming and discovery that transforms private virtual worlds into sharable, discoverable experiences. As a native VR streaming platform, VREAL enables developers, streamers, players, and viewers around the world to join in on the fun with any VR headset or 2D screen and easily integrate into a vast number of games across all areas of interest. VREAL is available globally at http://vreal.net.


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