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February 7, 2018

Vreal Announces Series A Funding

Hello friends,

We have some big news to share; hold on to your pants and get ready to happy dance! Vreal just raised $11.7 million in Series A funding! For a more detailed look at what this means and who our investors are, take a peek at the official press release we sent out this morning.

Please welcome Chet & Chris to the board!

In addition to the funding news, we’re welcoming two new people to the Vreal board of directors: Chet Faliszek and Chris M. Williams.

You might know Chet – he worked at this company called Valve and was instrumental in the launch of SteamVR, so that’s kind of neat. ???? What you might not know is that Chet gave Todd Hooper (Vreal’s founder and CEO) his first VR demo on the Vive. Todd left that meeting wanting to create a VR company, and the idea for Vreal formed shortly after that. So thank you, Chet, and welcome aboard (pun completely intended).

In addition to bringing on a VR pioneer, we’re also welcoming Chris M Williams, who is the founder and CEO of a new kids’ media company pocket.watch. Chris was the Chief Audience Officer at Maker Studios, a multi-channel YouTube network that Disney acquired back in 2014. He definitely knows more than a thing or two about working directly with content creators and building an audience. Chris is also an early adopter for VR, and was one of Vreal’s first angel investors (thank you, Chris).

Alpha sign-ups are still open

We are still accepting sign-ups for Alpha! If you’ve filled out the form already, we have all the info we need. We will reach out in the coming months as we add more content creators and VR enthusiasts.

We’re hiring; join the family!

All of this news is incredibly exciting for us, and we are looking for a couple folks to join our team here in Seattle. Head on over to our careers page for the most up-to-date list of open positions. Seattle is great for VR startups, and we have a crazy talented team who would love to meet you.

Thank you times a million

We’re saving the best for last – THANK YOU for coming along on this journey with us to create the world’s first broadcast platform for video game content within virtual reality. We have the resources we need to continue developing the platform and bring it to launch, and we couldn’t do that without an awesome community. Definitely pop by our Discord channel if you haven’t already, and you can stay up-to-date with the latest news & happenings by following us on Twitter: @VREALOfficial.

Written by:

Lizzie Stewart