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April 28, 2017

Happy Birthday, VREAL

A lot has happened for VREAL and VR streaming in the past year. It’s been a year since we first announced that VREAL was even a thing, and now we’ve launched shows with Hyper RPG and Rooster Teeth, moved offices and grown the team.

The Road Thus Far

A year ago, the team was frantically preparing to show the world our newborn platform. If you’ve ever had to demo VR apps before, you know the pain of making sure you have all the equipment in your suitcase, ready to haul in a plane. Vives, lighthouses, computers, wires, peripherals… check check check checkity check. We packed it all and headed to SVVR.

Press were the first to see what VR streaming will become, and as we showed them how to step into a game with someone else, we could see that we were on to something. Jason Evangelho from Forbes could too, saying “This is important. Essentially, the viewer is finally a spectator in the truest sense of the word. And the idea that my friends can virtually hang out in the game world right alongside me? That’s ridiculously exciting.” The team was ridiculously excited to read first impressions, and it gave us the fuel of a thousand suns to go forth and conquer the world of VR streaming.

Soon after, we learned there are only so many VR devs you can cram into a small room before it turns into VR bumper cars. The team was expanding and it was time to move! So, we packed up and headed into a more spacious studio in downtown Seattle, and it has an awesome view.

Relocated and raring to go, VREAL development moved full steam (heh heh, get it?) ahead. We went from talking about having cameras, replays, and other awesome features to actually being able to show them. Looking back, it’s almost hard to believe how far the VREAL platform has come.

With our shiny new lobby, we decided it was time to show the community what we’d been cookin’. And no, we don’t mean chicken and waffles. With content creators descending upon Seattle for PAX West, it was the perfect time to invite them in to check out VREAL. It was pretty cool to see the reactions.

Shortly after, we headed to TwitchCon, where we got to share the magic of VR with streamers from all over.

The Road Ahead

The only thing more exciting than showing people our platform is seeing what content creators like Hyper RPG and Rooster Teeth can do with it. With the same tools and the same game, they were each able to put together shows that felt completely different but equally amusing. In case you missed it, we’re talking about ERVR and Achievement Hunter.

2017 is shaping up to be another big year for VREAL. We have lots more awesome stuff on the horizon, and we’ll be updating you all along the way. To find out what’s happening next, follow our Twitter page @VREALofficial, Facebook page /vreal, join us in the VR Streaming discord or check out vreal.net. If you’re interested in joining the VREAL team, we’re hiring: Learn more here!

The VREAL team would like to give huge thanks to all of our partners and other folks for supporting us along this journey.

See you in VR!

The VREAL Team

Written by:

Lizzie Stewart