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October 30, 2017 – VREAL is aiming to be more than just “Twitch for VR”

By: Matthew Handrahan,

Most people now working in virtual reality can recall a point of revelation, a Damascene moment where they put on a headset and the future came into sharp focus.

Todd Hooper was Unity Technologies’ vice president of online services in Seattle when his moment arrived. He received a call from Valve, inviting him to try some exciting new hardware it was making with HTC. One session with the Vive later, and Hooper was thinking about little but VR for the next 12 months; six while still at Unity, six while trying to identify the best way to enter this exciting new market.

“This is where games are going,” he says, recalling the idea that grew in his mind during that period. “It’s not this year, and it’s not next year. It’s a few years out. We still need better hardware, we still need better content… But this is where we’ve been trying to get to as gamers for a long time.

“If you accept that as a fact, look at the other big trend in gaming: people like to watch games and hang out around games with streamers.” Read more…

Written by:

Lizzie Stewart