About Us

Next generation streaming technology for XR

Our Mission

Vreal was founded in 2015 to revolutionize gaming content by making fans part of the action, delivering a fun, immersive experience inside the games and content that audiences want to watch. Exploring new games with your favorite creators is now a social experience without limits, on any screen or VR headset. The Vreal platform, launched in 2018 on Steam, streamed thousands of game recordings to a global audience on VR and 2D screens. The IP portfolio and technology used to create Vreal are now available for licensing.

Our Team

Todd Hooper

Founder and CEO
Todd is an experienced entrepreneur, having founded and operated multiple companies in the enterprise and entertainment markets. Prior to Vreal, Todd was VP Online Services at Unity, leading their initiative to revolutionize the way games developers create and connect with an audience. Teams under Todd's leadership shipped new cloud services enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of Unity developers.

Dan Rubenfield

Chief Technical Officer
Dan has been developing games for over twenty years across mobile, social, console and PC. Throughout his career, Dan has worked on projects such as Ultima Online, Deus Ex, Playstation Home, Sorcery, Star Wars Galaxies, DC Universe Online and more. As a cross-disciplinary specialist, Dan brings a unique blend of creative and product sensibilities, deep technical and architectural understanding, and extensive team building and management skills.