Next generation streaming technology for XR

Next generation streaming technology for XR


Vreal was founded in 2015 to revolutionize gaming content by making fans part of the action, delivering a fun, immersive experience inside the games and content that audiences want to watch. Exploring new games with your favorite creators is now a social experience without limits, on any screen or VR headset. The Vreal platform, launched in 2018 on Steam, streamed thousands of game recordings to a global audience on VR and 2D screens. The IP portfolio and technology used to create Vreal are now available for licensing and acquisition.


Vreal’s IP portfolio includes our core streaming capture and replay technology, in addition to our proprietary SDK-less integration and rendering tech.

Native streams

Native streams rendered locally for full immersion and low latency

SDK less integration

Integration for popular engines without an SDK


Massively scalable and platform agnostic

Cloud rendering

Support for cloud rendered video


Vreal holds three key patents in XR streaming.