So, what is VREAL, exactly?

What exactly is VREAL? If we could answer that question with all the things, that would make things easy, but we know better than to think that’s a satisfying answer. I’m here to shed a little light on all them things.

Discovery, for the chatters and the lurkers.

If you’re anything like me, you watch tons and tons of livestreams on a regular basis. I’m a bit of a lurker myself, hopping from stream to stream hoping to find my new favorite broadcaster. When I find a new VR streamer, it excites me. I love VR and I want to learn more about it, but it’s so hard to find existing VR streamers. That’s where VREAL comes in.

With VREAL, you don’t have to guess or dig to find VR streamers. They are all in VREAL, using it to stream the new hotness in VR games. As someone that likes to watch streams, you can jump directly into their game with your VR headset and watch them play from anywhere in the map. Or, if you want to stick with your legacy 2D streaming platforms, the streamer can place 2D cameras around the map to stream in 2D.

VR Streaming, made easy

Streaming VR games is clunky right now. If you want to interact with your chat or run giveaways, you have to pull your headset off and break the flow of your stream. With VREAL, you can talk directly to your viewers without having to pull yourself out of virtual reality. On top of that, you can hand your viewers items for them to put in their inventory. Want to interview someone for a special talk show? You can pass them the mic. The boundaries between you and your community are what you want them to be.

All of that, and more

To summarize, here’s a quick list of some of the things we can do:

  • Stream VR games directly through VREAL
  • Watch VR streams in VR
  • Watch VR streams in 2D on legacy streaming sites
  • Place 2D cameras anywhere in the game to stream multiple feeds
  • Talk directly with your viewers
  • Hand your viewers items
  • Integrates a spectating experience directly within the game
  • Featured games
  • Custom avatars
  • Emotes
  • Dance parties
  • Endless fun

If any of that sounded awesome (or terrible) to you, we’re going to be kicking off some discussions in the near future that you can sign up to be a part of here. Otherwise, you can follow our social channels, @VREALofficial on Twitter, or /vreal on Facebook.